Monday, March 27, 2023        

Bulk and Metal/Appliance Collection Requests

Trash and Recycling

Bulk and Metal/Appliance Collection Requests

Please note: Appointments are based on the Town’s Trash and Recycling Calendar and are available on a
first come, first served basis. Not all items qualify for collection, some exceptions apply.

There are two ways to request a pick-up:

  1. Through the online form below:


  1. The Waste Management Call Center- please call 1-800-972-4545. There will be a short series of prompts.  Below is a guide to navigate the prompts.  They will first ask if you have a customer ID.  We do not use customer ID numbers in Smithfield, so hold for the next prompt in which you will be asked to provide your zip code and address.  Next, go through the prompts in the following order:   

Press 1 for residential curbside service

Press 3 for all other customers

Press 2 for bulk request

That will take you right to a rep.  They will ask your town, please say Smithfield (not Greenville, Esmond or Georgiaville).  Be sure to have a pen handy as they will give you a ticket number/confirmation for the pick-up.


Please note:  Not all items can be accepted through curbside bulk collection.  Below are some of the items that are not collected curbside.  Other exceptions may apply:

Mattresses/ box springs- accepted at special events, by appointment.  Be sure to keep mattresses and box springs clean and dry.  Call 401-233-1034 x105 for more information and options.

Construction debris- windows, doors, toilets, sinks, wood boards, drywall, sizing, flooring, fencing and other items that are attached to a home/building.

Electronics- accepted by appointment at Smithfield DPW.  This includes televisions, computer monitors, tablets, computer towers, laptops, just about anything with a cord.  Exclusions for drop-off are items containing coolant, wood encased speakers and laser printers.  Call 401-233-1034 X105 to see if your item qualifies and to make an appointment for drop-off.

Tires- accepted at an annual event, must be rimless.

Empty propane tanks- accepted, by appointment at Smithfield DPW.

Large rigid plastics- accepted by appointment at Smithfield DPW.  Must be made completely of plastic, larger than a hard hat, smaller than a 95 gallon sized trash cart.  Common items are storage containers larger than 5 gallons in size, laundry baskets, upright plastic furniture and trash barrels.  No PVC pipes, siding or fencing.  Call 401-233-1034 X105 to see if your item qualifies and to make an appointment for drop-off.

Hazardous Waste- accepted at RIRRC Eco Depot Events.  Call- 942-1430 x241