Tuesday, November 29, 2022        

Bulk and Metal/Appliance Collection Requests

Trash and Recycling

Bulk and Metal/Appliance Collection Requests

Please note: Appointments are based on the Town’s Trash and Recycling Calendar and are available on a
first come, first served basis. Not all items qualify for collection, some exceptions apply.

All requests for bulk and metal/appliance collection are accepted by our hauling company, Waste Management.  There are two ways to request a pick-up:

  1. The Waste Management Call Center- please call 1-800-972-4545.  There will be a short series of prompts.  Below is a guide to navigate the prompts.  They will first ask if you have a customer ID.  We do not use customer ID numbers in Smithfield, so hold for the next prompt.

Press 1 for residential curbside service

Press 3 for all other customers

Press 2 for all other inquiries

That will take you right to a rep.  They will ask your town, please say Smithfield (not Greenville, Esmond or Georgiaville).  Be sure to have a pen handy as they will give you a ticket number/confirmation for the pick-up.

  1. Through the Waste Management website by using the bulk item request link below: 



Please note:  Not all items can be accepted through curbside bulk collection.  Below are a few exceptions, other exceptions may apply:

Mattresses/ box springs- accepted at special events, by appointment.  Be sure to keep mattresses and box springs clean and dry.  Call 401-233-1034 x105 for more information and options.

Construction debris- windows, doors, toilets, sinks, wood boards, drywall, sizing, flooring, fencing and other items that are attached to a home/building.

Electronics- accepted by appointment at Smithfield DPW.  This includes televisions, computer monitors, tablets, computer towers, laptops, just about anything with a cord.  Exclusions for drop-off are items containing coolant, wood encased speakers and laser printers.  Call 401-233-1034 X105 to see if your item qualifies and to make an appointment for drop-off.

Tires- accepted at an annual event, must be rimless.

Empty propane tanks- accepted, by appointment at Smithfield DPW.

Large rigid plastics- accepted by appointment at Smithfield DPW.  Must be made completely of plastic, larger than a hard hat, smaller than a 95 gallon sized trash cart.  Common items are storage containers larger than 5 gallons in size, laundry baskets, upright plastic furniture and trash barrels.  No PVC pipes, siding or fencing.  Call 401-233-1034 X105 to see if your item qualifies and to make an appointment for drop-off.

Hazardous Waste- accepted at Eco Depot Events.