Sunday, December 5, 2021        

COVID19 Update from Smithfield Emergency Management

The Town of Smithfield is closely monitoring the progress of the Delta variant of COVID19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, town officials have followed the advice of state and Federal health officials and have adjusted local policies and directives in an effort to ensure the public safety and health during this pandemic. There is no mask mandate on public property at this time, however, we encourage individuals to continue prevention strategies such as keeping at least 6 feet apart and washing hands often to limit the spread of illness and disease. Most importantly, if you are not feeling well, have a temperature or displaying the signs and symptoms of an illness, please stay home and do not enter public venues or activities.

Lastly, any and all public notices with instructions from local officials will appear on the town’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please remain vigilant as we continue to deal with the effects of COVID19.