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Smithfield Street Light Conversion Program – December, 2020

The Town of Smithfield is in the process of starting the street light conversion program of all the municipal street lights for which the Town is responsible to operate and maintain.

To date the Town has an electrical Contractor hired to complete the street light operation, maintenance and conversion of the street lights that illuminate our nights on public roadways in Town.  Partnership for Rhode Island Streetlight Management (PRISM) has been hired to complete this task.  For outages or street light information PRISM can be contacted as follows:

PRISM Contacts (.pdf)

The Town has also entered an agreement with National Grid to become a Customer Owned Utility.  What that means quite simply is the Town is now responsible for owning, operating and maintaining the street lights which we have historically been paying to illuminate.  By doing so, this enables the Town to pay more favorable electricity rates and saves the taxpayers money.  Also by becoming a Customer Owned Utility, it allows the Town to convert existing High Pressure Sodium lights with more energy efficient LED lights.

Street Lighting Guidelines

Generally in the Town of Smithfield Street lighting is provided by the Town to the business and residents of the community.  Street lighting is discretionary and the Town is not obligated to provide street lighting for convenience.  Street lighting is intended to provide roadway safety and security for areas where conditions warrant safely illuminated conditions for all modes of transportation on public roadways.

Street lights may be installed, relocated or removed upon request to the Town’s Traffic Safety Commission.  Should a business or resident wish to have changes made to the streetlight configuration in Town, please click on the link below to make a request of the Traffic Safety Commission.

Smithfield Traffic Safety Commission – Street Light Request

Smithfield Streetlight PILOT and Retrofit & Decommission Program

The Town of Smithfield needs your help and is requesting Public Input during a Public Notice Period.

The Public NOTICE period has closed as of 11/20/2020, the information provided during that time can be seen below and in the documents included.



During November, 2020, the Town of Smithfield will be conducting a PILOT program of preferred lighting materials to be used throughout Smithfield.  Overhead lights, post-top lights and flood lights will be tested to garner public input for final decision and eventual use throughout the Town. 

More information on the PILOT Program can be found here along with frequently asked questions: 

PILOT Reference Information LED Street Lights (.pdf) 

More information about the PILOT Program locations can be found here:

Smithfield PILOT Map (.pdf) 


The second part of the Public Notice and request for Public Input is the Retrofit & Decommission Schedule.  Not all existing street lights in the community are proposed to be converted to LED, some inevitably will be decommissioned or removed from service.  Some existing overhead street lights have been classified as unnecessary, redundant or not needed.  This program will also help save tax dollars, reduce energy consumption and reduce light pollution levels.

More information on the Retrofit & Decommission Schedule can be found here along with frequently asked questions:

Retrofit & Decommissioning Reference Information LED Street Lights (.pdf) 

The full Retrofit & Decommission Schedule can be found here:

Smith-CH 2020 Inv R&D Sched Full red (.pdf) 40mb

Once the PILOT Program Public Notice period has concluded the public input received will be evaluated, community officials will meet with the Contractor to make final material selections and the Conversion Retrofit & Decommission Schedule will proceed until the program is complete.

For more program information, please contact the Town Engineer’s Office at 401-233-1041.