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Human Resources

The Town of Smithfield is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Susan Pilkington - Human Resources Administrator

Susan Pilkington
Human Resources Administrator

FUNCTION:  This Human Resources Office exists to assist all Town department managers and employees in matters relating to benefits, transfers, promotions, retirements, policies, procedures and guidelines.   Also, it serves to maintain the confidential personnel records of all individuals employed by the Town and to provide knowledge of federal and state wage counseling, labor contract negotiations, FLSA, affirmative action, ADA, FMLA, sexual harassment, labor laws, recruitment, compensation surveys and in-house training programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What newspapers does the Town use when advertising available positions?
The Town of Smithfield may advertise available jobs in The Valley Breeze & Observer newspaper and occasionally advertises in the Providence Journal Sunday paper.  In essence, it can be either-or, depending on the type of position available. Good advice is to always check both newspapers and our website when looking for new employment.

Ads may also appear online in such areas as;, RI league of Cities and Towns and specialty areas depending on position (i.e.. RI Municipal Clerks Association for a Town Clerk position.)

Are jobs posted on the website?
Yes.  Ads are always posted on our website (under the Employment tab).  In addition, the ad is posted on the Town’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What is meant by an “Internal Posting” of a Town position?
An Internal Post means that only employees who presently work for the Town may apply for the internally-posted position.  Each Town employee has ten (10) days to respond to the internal post. 

After that time, a help-wanted ad is placed in the newspaper and any individual may apply for the position.  

Once the ad appears in newspapers and online, what recruitment process does the Town follow?

1.  Each ad has an open and close date, which is typically 7-10 days in duration.  This means that an individual has a week to ten days to mail in her/his résumé and cover letter.

2.  Once the ten days passes, the documented list of all applying candidates is given to the Manager or Director of the Department that has the vacancy.  A Search Committee of at least three (3) people is created after a discussion with the Town Manager, Department Director and HR Administrator.  We typically utilize Town employees and /or employees from other municipalities with experience in the advertised field..

3.  The responsibility of the Search Committee is to review the credentials of all applications and decide on the number of individuals who will be asked in for an interview.  These candidates are notified and a mutually convenient interview time is arranged.

4.  Once the interview period starts, the Search Committee is approximately two weeks away from selecting the best-qualified candidate for the position.

The Search Committee supplies the Town Manager with the top candidates.  The Town Manager interviews the candidates and makes a verbal offer on the finalist.  This verbal offer is contingent upon the successful completion of a reference check, background investigation and pre-employment physical.

5.  Once all references are checked, pre-employment physical / drug test and a background investigation have been completed, plus any testing that may be necessary, the selected candidate is officially offered the position by the Town Manager.

How long does a typical recruitment process take?
Typically, it takes from 6-8 weeks, (but may vary) from beginning to end. At the end of the process, all other applicants are notified by a regret/thank you letter.

Can I send my résumé  by e-mail?
Yes.  You may e-mail your résumé to  Résumés should be in one of the following formats:  .pdf, all versions of Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx); text format: (.txt), or RTF (.rtf).  Please include the word “resume” and the position that you are applying for in the subject of the e-mail.

Many e-mails can appear to contain a virus.  By using the correct subject line you are assisting us in safely receiving your résumé .  Please do not zip files.

Résumés may be mailed to:

Smithfield Town Hall
64 Farnum Pike
Smithfield, RI02917

How can I get an application?
Applications are available at the Human Resources Office and the Town Manager’s Office in Town Hall during regular business hours.  You may also download an application in PDF format by clicking here: Application For Employment.

Please note that sometimes the standard Town Employment Application is required and sometimes a resume is requested. The type of application / resume needed will be clearly stated.