Sunday, March 7, 2021        

Information Technology

Bill Pilkington

Bill Pilkington
Information Technology Director

FUNCTION: The Information Technology Department handles many of the technology functions within Town Hall and several Town buildings.  Functions include desktop support, computer setup and repair, maintaining the local area networks (LAN) and wide-are networks (WAN) and construction and maintenance of the web sites and social media accounts for the Town Hall ( and the Smithfield Police Department ( IT Director assists Town employees in applying computer technology to facilitate the functions of each department.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any old computers that I can have?
Sorry, no we do not.  The computers used within the town are used for their maximum life and are really just a collection of parts by the time that their usefulness has worn out.  Older computers are passed down to locations with lesser technological needs within the town.  All obsolete equipment is recycled.

I would like to see a certain feature or information on the web site:
Please call or email Bill Pilkington and let him know.  We want the Town’s web sites to have as much useful information as possible and welcome your suggestions and comments.

How come there is no music or special effects on the web site?
We purposely try to keep the web site simple.  We want the pages to load fast and be easy to read.  It is assumed that people are here for information, not to be entertained.  We understand that not everyone has a fast Internet connection or razor sharp vision.

I have some great Smithfield-related pictures, can they be placed on the Town’s web site?
Yes.  You are encouraged to email your pictures to Bill Pilkington and they will be used on the web site wherever possible and the photographer will be given the appropriate credit. We post a Smithfield Photo of the Day on our Facebook page and your contributions are welcome.

Where can I find a school bus schedule, school committee agenda or school calendar?
You can find them all on the Smithfield School Department’s web site.