Sunday, January 29, 2023        

Smithfield Historic Preservation Commission
Smithfield Town Hall
64 Farnum Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917
401-233-1000 ext 106 

~ Information on the Smithfield Historic Preservation Commission
Historic Home Marker program

The Smithfield Historic Preservation Commission will have the following powers and duties: 

  1. Establish criteria for evaluating historical, architectural or cultural sites, buildings, places, landmarks or areas so as to determine their value in terms of the national, state or local importance;
  2. Conduct and maintain a comprehensive inventory of historic resources within the boundaries of the Town of Smithfield which shall be known as the Smithfield Historic Inventory, and publicize and periodically update said inventory. Properties listed on the inventory shall be recorded on official zoning records with an “HI” (for historic inventory designation). This designation shall not change or modify the underlying zoning classification;
  3. Initiate and maintain the Smithfield Register of Historic Places. This official register shall be compiled of buildings, structures, sites and objects which are included on the Smithfield Historic Inventory and which are identified by the Commission as having historic significance worthy of recognition and protection by the Town of Smithfield. The Commission shall encourage and assist, where possible, efforts by owners to maintain, rehabilitate, and preserve such properties;
  4. Review nominations to the Smithfield Register of Historic Places according to criteria and standards which the Commission shall adopt as part of its rules; 
  5. Review proposals to demolish historic structures as defined herein; 
  6. Participate in, promote and conduct public information, educational and interpretive programs pertaining to Smithfield’s historic resources; 
  7. Establish liaison support, communication and cooperation with federal, state, and other local government entities which will further historic preservation objectives, including public education within the town of Smithfield.
  8. Advise the Town Council and the Town’s Boards, Commissions and officials on matters of Smithfield history and historic preservation; 
  9. Perform other related functions assigned to the Commission by the Town Council;
  10. Review nominations of Smithfield properties to the State and National Registers of Historic Places.