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Department of Public Works

Gene Allen Public Works Director

Gene Allen
Public Works Director

FUNCTION: The Department of Public Works (DPW) is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the town’s public rights of way and all infrastructure included within excepting sanitary sewers. Thus, traditional public works maintenance includes but is not limited to the following: road reconstruction, resurfacing, crack filling, pot-holes; curbs, bridges, culverts, drainage ditches; sedimentation, detention, and retention basins; roadside mowing, brush, vegetative control and forestry operations; street sweeping. Weather related winter operations include snow and ice control and seasonal operation of a sand screening plant. Environmental programs include the operations of an oil igloo, curbside yard waste and Christmas tree pick-up programs.



Final Water Closing Meter Reading Form (.pdf)Street Light Conversion Info


Frequently Asked Questions

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When are snow parking bans in effect?  How are they announced?

Parking bans are automatically in effect between November 1st and April 30th when snow and ice control operations are in effect. Bans are posted on local television stations and online at the RI Broadcasters List of Closings

How do I report a street light out?

Report a problem with a street light directly to the Town’s electrical contractor, PRISM.  Their contact information can be found on this page:  PRISM Contacts  You can report problems such as light out, light on during the day, dim light, etc.  Having the pole number is helpful.  You will receive an e-mail response to your request.  You may also call the DPW office at 233-1034, the Town Engineers Office at 233-1041 or click on here for more information on the Smithfield Streetlight Conversion Program.

What if my mailbox is damaged by a Town snow plow?

All reports of mailbox damage should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 401.233.1034 or e-mail at The department will dispatch a representative to verify any claims. Mailboxes damaged by the Town, regardless of type, will be replaced with a standard rural mailbox compliant with US Postal Service (USPS) Standard 7, Mailboxes, City and Rural Curbside.  Posts will be either 1-1/2” galvanized, painted black iron or pressure treated 4” x4” wood.  Wherever possible, the existing mailbox, if undamaged, will be reused as will the existing post. Installation will be performed by Town employees.  Anyone who wishes to purchase their own replacement and install same shall be reimbursed by the Town for up to $25.00 with valid receipt(s).

Department Goals

1.  To maintain the highest quality Class “A”  paved roadways through Pavement Management Strategies.

2.  To maintain all drainage structures for storm water control.

3.  To maintain public safety during all snow and ice control events, as well as weather emergencies (hurricanes, wind storms).

4.  To ensure public health and safety via weekly curbside sanitation pick-up.

5.  To ensure environmental welfare via weekly curbside recycling pick-up.

6.  To comply with all applicable codes to ensure public safety in the workplace.

7.  To enhance employee technical training and educational programs in the workplace

8.  To continue to implement the Fleet Equipment Capital Improvement Program.