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Smithfield Parks, Recreation Facilities & Beaches


Lacrosse at Deerfield Park

Lacrosse at Deerfield Park

 Town Recreation Facilities:

(1) Lacrosse Field (Deerfield Park)

(4) Little League Baseball Fields (Deerfield Park, Mendes, Whipple, and Willow)

(2) Senior League Baseball Fields (Whipple, Burgess)

(2) Outdoor Basketball Courts (Deerfield Park)

(4) Outdoor Tennis Courts (Deerfield Park)

(10) Soccer Fields (Deerfield Park)

(3) Softball Fields (Whipple)

Lacrosse at Deerfield Park
Town Recreation Facilities Locations: 
Click the ‘map’ link for a Google map & driving directions

Recreation Office

1 Wm. J. Hawkins Jr. Trl.
Smithfield, RI  02828 map

Deerfield Park

Lisa Ann Circle – map

Whipple Field Complex

Fenwood Avenue – map

Greenlake Beach (Slacks Pond)

Greenlake Drive – map

Georgiaville Beach

St. Michaels Way – map

Smithfield High School Fields

Pleasant View Avenue – map

McCabe Basketball Courts

Pleasant View Avenue – map

McCabe Little League Field

Pleasant View Avenue – map

Burgess Athletic Field

Burgess Ave. – map

Willow Field

Willow Road – map

LaPerche Field

Limerock Road – map

Mendes Field

Behind the Town Hall – map

Municipal Ice Rink

109 Pleasant View Avenue – map

Esmond Park

Waterman Ave. – map

Mowry Conservation Park

Forge Road – map 

Town Beaches 

Slacks Beach (Greenlake Beach)is opening Saturday, July 3, 2021. There will be Lifeguards on duty. Open 7 days a week from 10:00am – 6:00pm.
Smithfield residents only. ID required. 

Smithfield Town Beach, Georgiaville Pond Beach , will remain closed until further notice (2021)
– No Lifeguards On Duty
– Swimming is Prohibited
– The boat launch at Georgiaville Beach is closed.

Beach Facilities will be open annually towards the end of June.

There are two fresh water beach facilities located in the Town of Smithfield and they are:

  1. Greenlake Beach (Slacks Pond)Located on Slacks Pond Reservior, this is a private beach and is for use by Smithfield residents only.  A beach patron needs to show proof of residency to use Greenlake Beach.  No boat launching is allowed in this area.  Fishing from shore is allowed. Open 10:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week.
  2. Georgiaville Pond Beach: Located on Georgiaville Pond, this facility is open to the general public.   The Smithfield Recreation Department requires all beach patrons to purchase either a daily beach pass or a seasonal beach pass to use the facility, the fee structure is stated below, day passes are valid for one day and seasonal passes are valid for one beach season.  The Smithfield Recreation Department also requires all beach patrons and boaters to purchase a sticker for their vehicle, boat, and trailer, for any of these items to be used at Georgiaville Pond, the fee structure is stated below, seasonal passes are valid for two years.  Fees apply to all ages and there is no-charge for senior citizens and honorably-discharged veterans.  map & driving directions.  Open 10:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week.  Beach passes can be purchased at the gate during business hours.

Georgiaville Pond Boating Regulations .pdf

Georgiaville Pond Beach

Georgiaville Pond Beach

Both beaches provide bathrooms with handicap accessibility.

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