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Recycle! Make it part of your everyday cycle!!

The state of Rhode Island has mandated a 35% recycling rate for all municipalities. Smithfield’s rate for the current fiscal year is 29.8%. The rate for the month of December 2017 was 33.7%, let’s keep that trend going for 2018! We need to increase out fiscal year recycling rate to 29.99% in order to receive a $2 per ton rebate from RIRRC for recycling. Our current rate will garner a $1 per ton rebate. By recycling more, the Town can avoid trash disposal fees levied by the state, the result is less taxes. The more recyclables we pull out of the waste stream, the better! Recycle! Make it part of your everyday cycle!!

We're at 29.8% - Help us get to 35% recycling diversion!

Recycling & Refuse

Items Too Big For Your Trash Bin?
Bulky Items are no longer picked up with your regular trash collection. To schedule pickup of these items please call (800) 972-4545 (new number).

Resources for Donating Unwanted Items

 Fully Automated Trash & Recycling Information – Questions & Answers

Household Hazardous Waste

Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Service Program Guide

2020-2021 Trash & Recycling Calendar
(July ’20 thru June ’21)

RIRRC Eco-Depot Schedule Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions 

Call the MTG Call Center – (866) 420-6342

Our vendor, Waste Management, has established a call center for certain trash & recycling issues.
Please call the Waste Management Call Center at (800) 972-4545 ONLY for these specific issues:
– Missed trash & recycling collections (regular, leaf, special appointment),
– Driver safety issues,

– Damages to property 
due to trash collection operations.
Call the Waste Management Call Center – (800) 972-4545

FUNCTION: Under the general supervision of the Director of Public Works, the Recycling Coordinator provides coordinative and administrative support for Town recycling programs and projects, including: providing liaison with the public, schools, community groups, Town businesses and other local government agencies, developing informational materials, assisting the Director in the overseeing of daily residential curbside operations, and performing related duties.

Primary project components include monitoring residential curbside pick-up, increasing participation in the corrugated cardboard program, implementing strategies for local commercial/industrial recycling, and designing and implementing environmental education programs.

Essential functions are to monitor private haulers for contract compliance; citizen complaint resolution; coordinate development and research of solid waste reduction activities and increase & implement public awareness and participation in recycling programs.

Smithfield Recycles


Fully Automated Trash & RecyclingSmithfield Has Fully Automated Trash & Recycling!

Automation is a faster and more efficient way to collect trash and recycling. In addition to being more efficient, fully automated has many other advantages: neater, cleaner appearance of roadways, reduced roadside litter, safer traffic conditions for residents, safer working conditions for contractors, durable carts and easy to maneuver. The town will see a decrease in collection costs and an increase in the town’s recycling rate. Fully automated collection is the future of trash and recycling and every City or Town that has initiated fully automated collection and single stream recycling has seen cost reductions and no City or Town has gone back from fully automated to manual collection.

Read More about Automated Trash Collection


Smithfield Recycling Cart

SMITHFIELD DOES NOT COLLECT GARBAGE FROM RESIDENTS WHO DO NOT RECYCLE.  Your Recycling Cart must be set out to receive trash collection.  Carts must remain out until all trash and recycling have been collected. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. Read more here

Whitegoods & Electronics Pickup

Appliance, Bulky Items and Metal Items Pick-Up Request Form

White goods/appliances and metal objects are collected on the 1st Friday of the month. To schedule a pick up please fill out the online form or call us at 233-1034 ext 105.

Yard Waste Collection

The Town of Smithfield will begin Lawn and Yard Waste pickup on the first full week of April. Yard waste is collected on residents’ regular trash day on a route separate from trash and recycling.

Yard waste must be set at the curb in brown paper bags (available at local retailers) or barrels clearly labeled YARD WASTE. Yard waste in plastic garbage bags or cardboard boxes will not be collected. A maximum of 12 barrels and/or bags of yard waste is accepted per household.

Yard waste will be collected every week April through May; every other week starting June through October, and every week through November. Please see the recycling calendar for exact dates.

Composting is a good way to reduce your curbside yard waste collection requirements. Compost bins are available to residents for $40 each at the Smithfield Public Works Garage located at 3 Spragueville Road (behind Dave’s Towing Service).

Please contact the Smithfield Recycling Coordinator at 233-1034, ext 105 or send an email to recycle@smithfieldri.com with questions.

Recycling Just Got Easier

RECYCLING IS EASY!  It’s OK to mix your recyclables together! No new bin is necessary – simply use what you have. Your recycled paper, cardboard, and containers will be mixed in the collection truck too. And don’t worry, mixing is a good thing! Our new recycling facility will do the rest. Now it’s either recycling or it isn’t. More information www.RecycleTogetherRI.org or in our Recycling Flyer


Plastic Bag RecyclingPlastic Grocery Bags: Single use plastic grocery bags can be brought back to your local grocery store or pharmacy; please do not put them in recycling bins or use them to dispose of recyclables in the recycling bins.  For more information, please visit the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation website.

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