Monday, June 21, 2021        

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Automation is a faster and more efficient way to collect trash and recycling.  In addition to being more efficient, fully automated has many other advantages:  neater, cleaner appearance of roadways, reduced roadside litter, safer traffic conditions for residents, safer working conditions for contractors, durable carts and easy to maneuver.  The town will see a decrease in collection costs and an increase in the town’s recycling rate.  Fully automated collection is the future of trash and recycling and every City or Town that has initiated fully automated collection and single stream recycling has seen cost reductions and no City or Town has gone back from fully automated to manual collection.

When the new program starts in October, these new roll-out carts will replace your existing refuse and recycling receptacles and are required for your refuse and recyclables to be picked up curbside.  One or two weeks prior to the start of the program, each home will receive, free of charge, two 65 gallon wheeled carts delivered curbside. One will be for trash (green with a green lid) and one will be for your recyclables (green with a yellow lid).  The “No Bin No Barrel” Policy will still be in effect.  You always need to place a recycling cart at the curb in order to receive trash collection. These new carts will be delivered to your residence with no appointment necessary. 

Weekly collection of trash and recycling will continue, but residents having excess trash resulting from a large clean out or residents having large bulky items that are not recyclable may make an appointment for a collection once per month.  The same procedure will take place for disposing of whitegoods, scrap metal and electronics.  You would need to make an appointment for the once a month collection.  You may either call 233-1034 ext. 105 to make that appointment or you can go on line at  There will be no fee for this service.

Lawn and yard waste will still be collected in the same manner it has always been.  Please continue to utilize the Waste and Recycling Collection calendar for the lawn and yard waste schedule.  The calendar is posted on the town’s website at or at the following locations, Smithfield Town Hall, East Smithfield Library, Greenville Library, the Smithfield Senior Center or the Department of Public Works. 

Winter Storm Automated Collection Tips:

  • When snow is predicted to fall during the overnight hours please wait until early morning to put out your trash and recycling carts so that plow trucks can efficiently clean snow during the overnight hours.
  • Please have your carts out by 6:00 am and be sure to properly space them 3 feet apart and 4 feet from other obstacles such as snow banks, cars, poles and mailboxes.
  • Please bring empty carts in as soon as possible to allow plow trucks to complete access to roadways.
  • Updates and changes will be posted on this page and a message will be left on the Recycling Coordinator’s voicemail 233-1034 ext. 105.

 Automated Collection Tips:

  • All trash and recyclables must be in Town provided carts.
  • Place one cart on each side of the driveway or 3 feet apart.
  • Place carts no more than 3 feet from the curb or road edge.
  • Trash and Recycling carts are the property of the Town and no markings are permitted on the cart other than in the white address label on top.
  • Arrows on cart lid face the street
  • Cart lids must be closed with no material sticking out, and no material may be placed on top of the cart lid.
  • Changes or delays in your trash/recycling pick-up are posted on this webpage and a message will also be left on the Recycling Coordinator’s voicemail 233-1034 ext. 105.


Please contact Melissa Chaput with questions at 
or by calling 233-1034 ext. 105.