Tuesday, November 29, 2022        

Total Participation Recycling Program


Smithfield Recycling and Trash Carts

Beginning in 2007, the Town of Smithfield will no longer collect trash
from residents who do not recycle. There will be no exceptions to this program.

Replacement recycling carts are available at the Department of Public Works at 3 Spragueville Rd. (next to the Ice Rink/Animal Shelter, off Rte. 116/Pleasant View Ave.)   The Department of Public Works will be responsible for repairs including, but not limited to wheels, axles, lids, hinge pins, and replacement of carts damaged by Town plows or Town vehicles.  

For more information, visit the recycling page or call the Recycling Coordinator at 233-1034, ext 105.


Ownership of carts

  • Carts are issued by the Town and are the property of the Town and must remain at the property/address to which they are assigned.  It is the responsibility of the new home owner to check and make sure both carts are on the premises prior to occupancy.  Landlords are responsible for ensuring carts are available for renters or occupants for each dwelling unit.  If you are moving, please inform the Recycling Coordinator of changes in occupancy by calling 401-233-1034 ext. 105 or email recycle@smithfieldri.com
  • If carts are not on the premises, the homeowner must file a police report with the Smithfield Police Department in order to receive cart replacements.

I recently moved to town and never received carts.

  • If you’ve recently (within the past 6 months) moved to Smithfield, and were not left recycling carts or never received them, you are entitled to receive one (1) FREE set of carts (one trash and one recycle). Please bring verification of your recent move (a copy of your certificate of occupancy, a copy of your Postal Service change of address, or anything that can verify your date of residency in town) to the Department of Public Works when you pick up your bins.
  • New construction homeowners should contact the Recycling Coordinator to receive trash and recycling carts. There must be a valid certificate of occupancy to receive carts.

I simply don’t have enough recyclables to fill a cart each week.

  • Not a problem. The recycling cart doesn’t have to be full to be collected. If you only have one bottle in your yellow lid cart, we’ll take it. Everyone needs to start somewhere! Keep in mind, too, that bringing your carts to the curb each week, instead of waiting to fill them, means a lighter load for you to carry or drag to the curb.

I have no idea what to recycle and I don’t want to make a mistake.

  • Not to worry-it’s easier than you think. See the Basic Mixed Recycling Guidelines from Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation on items that are accepted in curbside recycling carts. Basic Recycling Guidelines (.pdf)
  • Our Recycling Coordinator will gladly come to your home to help you identify the recyclables in your trash-just call the recycling office at 233-1034 to schedule a Household Recycling Audit.
  • Hard copy brochures are available at the Department of Public Works.

The recycling truck comes before the trash truck, and I take my carts in right away. How will the trash guys know that I’ve recycled?

  • Please leave your recycling carts out until after the trash is picked up, and put all the containers away at the same time. If there becomes a different method to let the garbage collectors know that recycling has already been picked up from every house on the route, we will implement that change.