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Tax Assessor


Christopher Celeste Tax Assessor

Christopher Celeste
Tax Assessor



FUNCTION: The primary role of the Assessor is to ensure fair and equitable taxation in the Town of Smithfield. Additionally, the Assessor’s Office serves to administer exemptions, abatements, and prepare tax rolls as dictated by state statute and local ordinance. We aim to be a resource for the taxpayers of Smithfield, providing clarity and transparency to the process of local taxation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the assessed value calculated for my property?

Current assessed values are based on market conditions as of the assessment date of December 31, 2021. For residential properties, the assessor uses a market-adjusted cost approach to value. This process involves combining a land value with a depreciated building replacement cost. The results are adjusted for accuracy using property sales occurring in the year leading up to the assessment date.

For most commercial or income-producing properties, the assessor uses both the capitalization of income and cost approaches to value based on the same assessment date.

How is my tax bill calculated?

Tax bills are calculated by multiplying the assessed value for your property by the tax rate for that property class (Assessed Value x Tax Rate). Current tax rates are printed in the left column on this page.


Single family home assessed value = $200,000

Residential tax rate = $16.81 per thousand

$200,000 x (16.81 ÷ 1000) = $3,362

Tax bill = $3,362

Please note that tax rates are not set by the Assessor’s Office. The rates represent a percentage of the Town’s total assessed value that is required to meet approved budgetary requirements.

When will I receive my tax bill?

Tax bills are generally mailed each year at the end of July.