Monday, January 30, 2023        

Tax Collector

Danielle Carey, Finance Director, Tax Collector

Danielle Carey
Finance Director/Tax Collector

FUNCTION:  The primary function of the Tax Collector’s office is to collect and record taxes owed by the residents of Smithfield.  We offer many ways to pay taxes in order to make an unpleasant task as painless as possible. Taxpayers who do not escrow may elect to pay taxes in person at the Town Hall, through the mail or by using the drop box located in front of the Town Hall.  The Tax Collector’s office collects payments for real estate, motor vehicle, tangible, sewer and the Smithfield Highway Water Supply.  The Tax Collector’s office is also responsible for providing Municipal Lien Certificates (fee $25.00) which is a document mainly used by attorneys to determine closing costs, refinancing on the sale of real property.


*There will not be a Motor Vehicle Bill issued in 2022*

Please be advised, any existing outstanding Motor Vehicle bills are still due and payable. 

Tax Bills will be mailed the around the first week of August. 

View & Print your tax summary online on the Smithfield RI Tax Database

Electronic Payments The Town of Smithfield accepts electronic payments for real estate and motor vehicle taxes. You may authorize payment of your taxes by completing the “Authorization for Direct Payment” form and returning it to the Tax Collection Department. You will note that there are two options relating to how to pay your taxes. The following indicates when your payment will be deducted from your designated account.  Quarterly: September 30th, December 31st, March 31st and June 30th.  Annually: September 30th.

Pay Your Tax Bill Online at You will need the account number and PIN from your tax bill.

A Drive-Up Deposit Box is located at the front entrance of Town Hall for payments to the Tax Collector’s Office.  Payments accepted for Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, Sewer, and Smithfield Water Supply bills. No cash please.

Inquiries on Property Values – info from the Tax Assessor’s Office

Annual Business Registration Renewal– Due December 31st

Town Ordinance Chapter 236 Article III requires the owner of each business situated in the Town of Smithfield to renew their Business Registration on an annual basis. We will begin accepting the applications after October 1st. This requirement helps the Town maintain up-to-date records on businesses operating locally in accordance with state law, and also assists us in providing a level playing field for business proprietors with regards to licensing and taxation. Fines of $25 per month will be assessed for failure to renew on time.  A physical certificate can be mailed to you upon request. Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office if a physical certificate is needed.  

Homeowners Assistance Fund RI

The Homeowner Assistance Fund RI (HAF-RI) program has been a lifeline for Rhode Island homeowners struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Launched in January of 2022, the program has helped over 1,100 Rhode Island homeowners with over $30 million in mortgage and housing-related assistance. This federally-funded program assists eligible homeowners with incomes at 150% or less of Area Medium Income (AMI). 
We write to inform you that the HAF-RI program reopened on January 6, 2023 and is accepting applications from eligible Rhode Island homeowners. The program helps eligible homeowners impacted by COVID-19 to catch up on past due mortgage payments, utility bills and other housing-related costs, including overdue taxes and assessmentswater/sewer fees, fire district taxes, etc. The program is available to eligible Rhode Islander homeowners statewide.
For eligibility requirements and sign up information, visit   
You can call Tri-County Community Action Agency at 401-583-0075 or call RI Housing Help center at 401-450-1373 for any assistance.
For Water and Sewer assistance, please see the flyer here for information.
Helpful Tax Information
  1. You are taxed 100% of the value per thousand:  

The tax rates for 2022:

Residential Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate




Motor Vehicle



  1. Tax Payment Installment Periods & Due Dates:
    • 1st Quarter: September 1 – 30.  Delinquent after October 10.
    • 2nd Quarter: December 1 – 31.  Delinquent after January 10.
    • 3rd Quarter: March 1 – 31.  Delinquent after April 10.
    • 4th Quarter: June 1 – 30.  Delinquent after July 10.

If any installment is not paid on or before the delinquent dates, the entire tax or any balance thereof shall become due and payable with interest. Interest will be charged at the rate of 12% per annum, dating back to the original date of September 30th. If at any time your account becomes delinquent, the interest policy goes into effect.

Chapter 44-5 Levy and Assessment of Local Taxes Ordinance (.pdf)

It is your responsibility as a property owner to make sure that all the taxes are paid, regardless of whether or not you have received you tax bill. If you did not receive your tax bill, and it is not being paid by an escrow account, please contact the Tax Collector’s office at (401) 233-1005 during business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

      • Any taxpayer or business owner must notify the town of a forwarding address.
      • Tax bills are mailed once a year, at the beginning of August.
      • To receive a receipt for a tax bill, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.
  1. Motor vehicle & trailer excise taxes, which are issued in the current year, 1st Quarter due payable by 09/30 annually, are based on the number of days each vehicle or trailer was registered during the previous calendar year.  You must notify the Registry of any change in registration, name and/or address, as they in turn provide the Town with the information needed in order to issue the tax on motor vehicles. Should you retain your plate or simply allow the plate to expire, the vehicle must be taxed until the expiration date of the registration.
  2.  Delinquent Motor Vehicle Accounts or a block at the Registry can only be cleared once the taxes have been paid in full to date and are now current.  Payment can be made by cash, money order, credit or debit car, or certified check.
  3.  Building permits will be cleared at the Tax Collector’s office if all taxes are paid current as of the first (1st) day of the installment period which runs from the 1st thru 30th, 31stday. If they are not, at the time the routing slip is presented from the Building Inspection Office, the taxpayer must pay all outstanding taxes at that time.
  4.  All tangible taxes must be current as of the first (1st) day of the installment period before any business licenses or business registrations can be approved.
  5.  Any taxpayer can appeal their bill. You must keep your taxes current while going thru the appeals process. Any overpayments will be refunded or applied to a future bill. Appeals for Real Estate must be filed within 90 days from the date the first tax payment is due. Forms can be obtained in the Assessor’s office or be downloaded from the Town Forms page then click on Assessor’s or Town forms. Please contact the Assessor’s office at (401) 233-1014 for additional questions.
  6.  Payments for real property and motor vehicle can be combined on the same check, but sewer and water payments must be separate checks.
  7. Address Changes can be made here