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Property Records

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Smithfield Land Records are now available online at

Recorded Land index and images are available from January 1965 to present. Plans index and images are available from January 1871 to present.


  • Searching and document viewing is provided as a free service. Printing and/or downloading will incur the following charges:
  • Commercial Users – Our commercial user will be charged $1.50 per page and a $50.00 per year subscription fee. To become a commercial user simply fill out the registration form and choose a Member ID and Password for future visits
  • Pay-Per Access Members/Search – For our Pay-Per Access members the charges will be $2.50 per page (no yearly charge). When printing and/or downloading pay-per access users will be prompted with a credit card form
  • Search Results – Search results may be printed for $1.50 per page with a $75.00 maximum. Please be aware of this fee before printing search results.


The Town Clerk’s office has contracted with the following e-recording companies:

CSC Global
EPN – E-Recording Partner Network
Indecomm Holdings, Inc.

Effective August 7, 2019 E-Recordings will be submitted directly through our Land Records Management System.

The Property Records office is responsible for recording all deeds, mortgages, leases, affidavits, condominium declarations, quitclaim deeds, certified copies of documents and other similar instruments. Records date from 1871 to present.

It is our goal to maximize the quality of service provided to the general public by timely recording, preserving and retrieving of legal documents.

PLEASE NOTE: Each city and town in the State of Rhode Island has its own Property Records recording office. Property records are not recorded by county. Recordings are to be sent to the appropriate recording office of the property address.

Recording Requirements

  • All documents must be ORIGINALS with original signatures or a CERTIFIED COPY
  • A 2 x 2 inch space on the LAST page of the document and a 1 x 1 space at the TOP of each document must be provided for recording purposes
  • Rhode Island does NOT record by county. Recordings are sent to the appropriate recording office of the PROPERTY ADDRESS. All documents are returned immediately upon recording.


  • Must be an original executed document with all original signatures
  • Must be notarized, with a RAISED seal if notarized out of state
  • Must have Grantee’s complete address
  • When there is no consideration the deed shall contain the following language: “Consideration is such the No Documentary Stamps are required.”
  • Where there is consideration it is at the rate of $4.60 per thousand rounded to the nearest $500.00.
  • A reference to R.I.G.L. 23-28.35-1 (Smoke Detector Law) must be incorporated in the document.

Assignment & Discharge of Mortgage

  • Must reference the Mortgagor in the document
  • Must reference the original Mortgage Book & Page
  • Must reference the Property Address

The Property Records office is NOT permitted to give out ANY form of legal advice. It is recommended that you contact an attorney who is familiar with Rhode Island law to assist you with any legal questions you may have. We do not supply any type of forms nor do we perform searches.

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