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Veterans & War Memorials in Smithfield

 There are several veterans and war memorials located in Smithfield.  If you have any additional information or know of another location, please contact Dave Duchesneau.  On each page, look under the monument photos for the text of what is engraved on each one.

Thanks to John Serapiglia, Jr. and Skip Sweeney of Balfour-Cole Post 64, American Legion and to James Ignasher, local historian,  for their significant contributions to these veterans and war memorial pages.

Esmond World War I Monuments & Alexander M. Balfour Square

Esmond World War I Monuments

Georgiaville Word War I Memorial at the VFW Hall

Georgiaville World War I Memorial

Greenville World War I Monument

Greenville World War I Monument

 Spragueville Word War II Memorial

Spragueville World War II Memorial

 Stillwater Word War I Memorial - Adin B. Capron Memorial Bridge

Stillwater World War I Plaque

Wolf Hill Crash Memorial

The Wolf Hill Plane Crash Memorials

Smithfield Veterans Memorial 

 Veterans Memorial at Smithfield 

Smithfield Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Alexander M. Balfour Square

Alexander M. Balfour Square

Fred C. Cole Square

Fred C. Cole Square

Ernest E. Austin Memorial Square

Ernest E. Austin Memorial Square

Prescott J. Williams Memorial

Prescott J. Williams Memorial




World War II Memorial
at Smithfield Town Hall



Photos from the 2017 Memorial Day Service at the Smithfield Veterans Memorial


For a collection of photos of Smithfield residents serving in World War II
see the World War II – Serving In Uniform
photo collection by Smith-Appleby House Museum on Flickr: